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Ash: Playa at Summer Lake

Hello Everyone!

Here is an artist statement for a piece that I recently had in a show "Black Carbon" at the Strand Gallery at Oregon State:

Ash: Playa at Summer Lake, OR (2019)

Acrylic on Arnhem

Ash: Playa at Summer Lake (2019), OR is inspired by the residual ash and reduced air quality from the summer, 2018, fires--both control and wild--in Central Oregon. Pyrocumulus clouds hugged The Playa’s infamous mountain horizon the day I arrived at Playa at Summer Lake for an Art and Science Residency. At Playa, my understanding of fire--both globally and specific to the Oregon High Desert--grew to encompass its various instigators, human and not. Fire is both necessary and destructive. Fire is both an apparatus and an unknown.

About the Artist:

Paris Myers is an undergraduate student double majoring in Bioengineering and Fine Art at Oregon State Honors College. August, 2018, she was an Art and Science Resident at Playa at Summer Lake in Central Oregon. For formal inquiries, email

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