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After a bar date goes terribly wrong, a young woman unwittingly explores the depths of her subconscious. Inspired by true events, MINDVAULT (2023) is an intimate portrait on the surrealist aspects of the human experience.

MINDVAULT and its custom AI pipelines were created in 24 hours with an incredible team of student artists, engineers, filmmakers, musicians, first-time actors, and machine learning scientists for the 2023 AI Filmmaker Hackathon at the MIT Innovation Headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

Based on true events, MINDVAULT utilizes custom AI to symbolize the illusion of control over one’s sensorial self. Through the trip, the protagonist–and the viewer–are transported to an alternative reality. AI becomes not a tool for the film’s visual construction, but another actor, co-existing–and sometimes merging–with the protagonist. The visual effects in MINDVAULT are created with custom software built on top of Stable diffusion v1.5, developed in house.

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The Team Behind MINDVAULT  

Starring (In order of Appearance) 

Paris G. Myers 

Carlos Centeno

Niko Dellic


Director and Writer: Paris G. Myers 

Co-director: Minos Ge

AI and Visual Effects: Anna Buchele, Erik Strand, Serge Vasylechko, Mark Edmonds, Phil Cherner

Cinematography: Minos Ge

Produced by: Sarah Markovic, Minos Ge, Phil Cherner 

Original Score, Music Editing, and Mixing and Mastering: Jackson Music 

Additional Music: Rendezvous, Written and Performed by Dana Reason 

Poster, Title, and Additional Graphic Design: Jackson Myers

Special Thank Yous To:

MIT Film and AI Hackathon Team, MIT Innovation Center, and Batiful Resturant, Cambridge, MA

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